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Ceramic Flue Sealant
The Most Reliable Solution for Chimney Restoration & Repair

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Residential Applications

A fireplace is inspected by a chimney professional for chimney repair or chimney restoration.
The fireplace chimney top is inspected, and the fireplace chimney cleaned before the fireplace repair and chimney restoration begins.
Ceramic Flue Sealant (CFS) is delivered to the site. The CFS will play an important role in the repair of chimney damage in the fireplace chimney.
Before installation of the Thermocrete CFS, the fireplace opening is sealed. This is the first part of fireplace repair.
Thermocrete CFS is poured into a hopper from which it is pumped to the fireplace chimney top to begin the chimney repair.
A professional Thermocrete installer sprays CFS inside the fireplace flue from the top of the fireplace chimney.
A graphical representation of a Thermocrete CFS application as part of the fireplace repair. Several layers of Thermocrete CFS are sprayed inside. The coating seals all small holes and cracks, and strengthens the chimney.
The installer coats the smoke chamber, the area above the fireplace, with Thermocrete CFS.

In the above photos, we have seen a professional Thermocrete installer complete a fireplace repair of chimney damage to a fireplace chimney as part of an overall chimney restoration.